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Founded in 1921, Powers Fasteners has over 90 years of experience in fastening systems. They specialise in a wide range of unique innovative fastening solutions for concrete, block, brick, steel and drywall.

The Powers range consists of 5 distinct product groups

  1. Mechanical Anchors
    The range includes Sleeve Anchors, Powerbolt Anchors, PBI Brace-It Anchor, PSA Structural Anchor, Blue Tip Screwbolt, Spike Anchor and Mungo premium
    nylon fasteners.

  2. Adhesive Anchors
    The range includes Polyester, Acrylic and Epoxy Injection systems, Class Capules tud bolts in Zinc, Gal and Stainless Steel, Applicator Tools and accessories.

  3. Drilling and Cutting
    The range includes SDS+ and SDS Max carbide drill bits, Tribor premium SDS Plus Drill bits, Ridgeback™ diamond Blades and cup wheels, Smart Bit's and standard masonry drills

  4. Forced Entry
    The range includes Powder Actuated Tools, Trak-it® Gas Tools, Collated pins, Powder loads, Clips, Gas and accessories.

  5. Screws and Rivets
    The range includes screws for Drywall, Roofing and Cladding, Decking, General building and screws for specialist applications from Muro and SFS. The Rivet range includes Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel and Monel together with a range of rivet tools.

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