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Ramset REO502JEF Chemset™ - 750ml Extra Heavy Duty Anchoring Adhesive - Easy Flow Winter


Ramset Reo 502 is a high performance, quick loading pure epoxy chemical anchor with tolerance to adverse anchoring environments including core drilled holes, oversized diameters, deep embedment, flooded conditions and underwater. One product for all anchoring environments simplifies product selection.

Extra heavy duty anchoring of rebar and threaded rod into solid concrete. 

  • Fast 3 hour cure Pure Epoxy for same day loading of rebar and threaded bar connections.

  •  Long working time inceases mixing nozzle life in hot conditions.

  •  Versatile Pure Epoxy for adverse insallation conditions such as core drilled and oversized holes (up to 2.25 x bar diameter), dry, damp, wet and flooded holes; even  underwater.

  •  Reo 502™ is ideal for Post installed rebar for structural concrete columns, walls, slabs and beamsn and Structural steel connections.



RAMSET REO502J 750ml

Ramset Reo 502 is a versatile, High Performance pure epoxy adhesive for anchoring rebar and threaded studs into solid concrete, solid brick or stone.This pure epoxy formula is suitable for a range of standard or adverse conditions, such as oversized, deep, core drilled, damp, wet or flooded holes and can even be used underwater. Reo 502 is quick setting for improved productivity and features a long working time to reduce nozzle wastage. Reo 502 is suitable for oversized holes up to double the bar diameter.


  • Quick 3 hour cure (at 20°C) for improved productivity
  • Extra heavy duty bond
  • Sag resistant formula for horizontal holes
  • Bonds to carbide and diamond core drilled holes – strong bond
  • Oversized holes up to 2 x bar diameter
  • For Grade 500 reinforcing bar and Grade 8.8 anchor bolts
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Install in dry, damp, wet, flooded or underwater
  • Long 20 minute (at 20°C) working time for deep holes and hot climates


  • Appearance:
    • Part A: White
    • Part B: Black
    • Mixed: Light Grey
  • Density: 1.28 kg /litre @ 20°C
  • Heat Distortion: Approx. 80°C
  • Hardness: > Shore D 80
  • Compressive Strength (ASTM C579-01): 105MPa
  • Dielectric Constant: 3.95
  • Conductivity: 8 x 10-11 ohmS/m
  • Service Temperature Limits: -10°C to 80°C
  • Substrates: Solid Concrete, Solid Stone (Proof loading recommended), Solid Brick


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